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What our clients are saying

TP Tax & Bookkeeping Services LLC and their team are fantastic... a one stop shop for not only bookkeeping and taxes, but they also can assist in other areas as wells. I only trust TP Tax with my businesses...They are cost-effective and not only helps me save money but has other ideas to expand my businesses as well. HIGHLY recommended!

Steve Levesque - President

Luck Media & Marketing, INC

Hot Rod City Las Vegas, INC

I've enjoyed the service I have received from TP Tax service for many years, they always strive to deliver the fastest & most accurate return possible. Affordable rates & professional results.

Matt Rodriguez - Owner

Paradise Tint

TP Tax & Bookkeeping Services LLC has been handling all my tax preparation and filling for the past few years and I wish that I had found them sooner. They are responsive to their clients, helpful beyond measure, and their extensive knowledge has caused tax day to be just a normal day and not a day of stress over. I recommend TP Tax to any person or business that is looking for excellent service!

Kimberly A. Wright, Esq.

Law Office of Kimberly A. Wright, Esq.

TP Tax has been doing my taxes for years. They're extremely knowledgeable and have a wide range of other services when I needed help. They're very responsive and committed to any promise they make to their clients. I'm sincere when I say I'm very thankful for their excellent service for the past years!

Vee Vee Nguyen - Self Employed

Las Vegas, NV

This is definitely the most responsible firm I've seen. TP Tax & Bookkeeping Services, LLC and their team are so experienced and professional. They explained to me everything clearly and gave me a thorough checklist to prepare all the related documents required. I followed their advice and got my business license smoothly! TP Tax followed my case closely during the process and kept me informed so I knew what to expect. I like their service very much and I would recommend TP Tax to my friends.

Linh Do - Owner

TinNghia, LLC

TP Tax & Bookkeeping Services LLC has been doing my taxes for over 10 years. They are super efficient and reliable. I recommend TP Tax to everybody I know! Thanks TP Tax for doing your job so well!

Brenda Lai - Owner

Nail Creations, LLC

TP Tax Service has been handling my taxes for 10 years. I have been very happy with their honesty, accuracy, and customer service. Whenever I have questions, they are able to respond to me instantly. I look forwards to be their client for years to come!

Ivy Nguyen - Owner

Sweet Nails & Spa, LLC

Southern Highlands Nails & Spa, LLC

I received Colorado Department of Revenue notice regarding my tax 2008, 2009 and 2010. I didn't know why, I brought these notices to my previous tax firm who filed my business taxes. They said "it's a mistake and we'll take care of it". In a later date, I'm still getting more notices and I contacted my previous tax firm again and they said "no worries we'll take care of it". One day I checked my bank account and noticed there was a debit transaction deducted from Colorado Dept. of Revenue. I was upset and had enough with my previous tax firm people. I was referred by a friend who is a current TP Tax client and within 30 days I received check refund from Colorado Dept. of Revenue and all my taxes notices in 2008, 2009 and 2010 has been cleared!!! TP Tax & Bookkeeping Services LLC is an EXPERIENCED tax firm and has earned my trust! I'll definitely refer all my friends & family to TP Tax!

Tu Dinh - Owner

Pro Nails 1, INC

My company was served by TP Tax & Bookkeeping Services LLC for 2017 tax filling. They also provide bookkeeping services for my small business owner needs. TP Tax is both PROFESSIONAL and EXPERIENCED in their knowledge of the laws regarding tax and financial rules. I am very pleased with services rendered and look forward to continuing with TP Tax in the future. I would recommend this company to anyone who is need of professional tax and bookkeeping services!

Michael Mehari - Director/Owner

Teff Premiun Foods, LLC

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